Mercedes-Benz S-Class Getting Upgrades To Match Siblings

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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class was given a redesign recently but to make sure the vehicle get’s a design that matches the other Mercedes Benz model, Mercedes has decided to work on another redesign for the S-Class.

According to the reports, the vehicle will come in as another redesign model and unlike the last redesign, the front and rear will be given a bigger upgrade this time around. The end result would be an S-Class that looks similar to the CLS and the A-Class model.

Spies did get a glimpse of the vehicle when it was out getting tested and although the vehicle was heavily covered, we could see that the grille and lights are lower now and the vehicle is lower and wider as well. In the back, the S-Class will be getting a new taillight that matches the CLS.

Since the S-Class was just given an upgrade, we will most likely have to wait a little longer before this version of the S-Class is release.

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