Mercedes-Benz EQ C: First The Front, Now The Back

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Earlier this week, we got to see parts of the Mercedes-Benz EQ C front and now Mercedes is showing us the rear of the vehicle.

The new teaser called “Mystic Detail” showed off the signature lighting design of its DRL that the vehicle will be sporting and now we get to see the Mystic Rear as they show the rear lighting which will extend from one side to the other forming a long line in the back.

In the shot, we can also see the Mercedes logo so there is no mistaking who0 this belongs to. With also got to see the brake light, spoiler and more. The file name also suggests that the vehicle will have the letter “C” in its moniker.

We are expecting to see more teasers coming from Mercedes as we inch our way closer to the official unveiling of the Mercedes-Benz EQ C which will be happening on the 4th of September.

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