Mercedes-Benz Drops More Details On EQ C

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Now that we have seen part of the front as well as the rear, it looks like Mercedes is ready for us to see the interior of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQ C, as well as they, release the latest “Mystic Interior” teaser.

The clip started out by showing us a dark dash before everything comes to life. We got to see the buttons, blue interior lighting and more. Just like some of the newer Mercedes, the Mercedes-Benz EQ C will also be fitted with a double display for the instrument panel and infotainment screens. In front of the driver is two circular digital gauges.

The infotainment screen was showing that the vehicle is set to “comfort” and we got to see the “Mercedes me & Apps” option on the right. A name was also shown which many believe suggest that drivers can set their own preference.

The Mercedes-Benz EQ C will be unveiled in Stockholm next week but we should be getting a few more teasers before that.

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