Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Spies Shot Not Needed?

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New spy shots of the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class was revealed online. Although the vehicle was still covered in camo stickers, the fake bodywork was taken off giving us a clear look at its shape.

While we did get to learn more about the design, some people think that the spies shots are not that useful since we already have a clear idea how the vehicle will look like thanks to all the photos from China.

From what we have seen so far, the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class looks to be a mix of the CLS-Class and A-Class design. The grille matches what we have seen from Mercedes so far while the nose is similar to what the A-Class is offering right now.

No word on what Mercedes will be offering underneath but most people believe that it will be similar to what the A-Class is offering here in the US as well. Seeing how close the vehicle is to being complete, we should be seeing the production model very soon.