McLaren 720S 710 Horses Could Kill Ferrari 488

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There is no denying that the McLaren 650S is a superb vehicle but a successor is needed. We have already seen plenty of spy photos of what is said to be the McLaren 720S and now it looks as though the finalized car has been spotted and it could be a Ferrari 488 killer.

The name itself should give us a good indication as to the power that the McLaren 720S is going to offer. The vehicle should give out 720 metric horsepower or around 710 horses.

Bear in mind that the 675LT offers up 666 horses thanks to the Ricardo 3.8 litre V8 twin-turbocharged engine. The McLaren 720S should have a few radiators but it isn’t going to be all that difficult for it to offer up 700 horses and kill off the Ferrari 488.

The new McLaren 720S is going to offer up the signature boomerang headlights and the ovoid units sit inside a triangular vent which is also home to the signals. The roofline isn’t body coloured and stretches right to the back of the vehicle. There is a lack of ductwork behind the door and the door is emphasised by a blade from the fender located behind the front wheels.

But what are your thoughts on the McLaren 720S, will it kill off the Ferrari 488 if it offers up 710 horsepower?