Mazda Won’t Be Fighting With Toyota Mirai & Honda Clarity

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Most automakers are working towards a more eco-friendly future now and while Honda and Toyota are exploring all options including their hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity, it looks like Mazda will only be focusing on electric.

Mazda reveals their plans for the future and that includes offering more electric powered vehicles in the future. According to AutoExpress, Mazda announces that their full line up will be electrified by 2035.

While that sound like a long time away, the fact that Mazda has a plan and is already working on it is good enough for many. Mazda added that we will see the first EV model from them in 2019 but the plug-in hybrid models will be coming in 2021.

As for the autonomous driving features, Mazda revealed that their first autonomous car will only be arriving in 2025. Testing will begin as early as 2020.

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