Mazda To Join Subaru Down Emission Hall Of Shame

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When the Japan government ordered the Japanese car manufacturers to investigate their emission and fuel compliance standard, it was revealed the Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru have been falsifying their fuel economy and emission data. Well, it is not over yet as a few more Japanese automaker has not revealed that they too had offered false fuel emission data and that includes Mazda.

Both Mazda and Suzuki discovered that they had conducted improper tests on their models. For Mazda, it started in 2014 while Suzuki started earlier in 2012. Suzuki has since apologized for the mistake and added that they are considering a product recall.

Soon after this was revealed, the stock prices for Mazda and Suzuki fell by up to 5%. We do not know what Mazda and Suzuki’s plans for now that they have discovered the issue so hopefully we will hear more from them soon.

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