Mazda RX-9 Suffers From Too Many Excuses

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Sometimes you can only take so many excuses before you get really fed up of hearing them and this applies to the Mazda RX-9 Vision concept. People have about just enough of the excuses about the delay of the vehicle.

There is little doubt that the vehicle and rotary engine offered fans a ray of hope as the design and the engineering is amazing. However people expected another rotary engine, possibly the RX-9 but it doesn’t look as though it will happen. The Mazda RX-9 does offer looks of a proper sports car and it would be luxurious, however it looks as though it is going to be as good as it gets.

The Vice President of Marketing was recently talking in Las Vegas and said that they don’t have any intention on launching a more premium pricey model and they are not trying to head into the luxury division. He went on to say that the concept vehicle shows RX in the title and when they have used that in the past it has meant rotary engine. He confirmed that the vehicle wouldn’t come to the market unless it offered a rotary engine and this is great news.

The RX-8 was well received by many people and the Wankel 1.3 litre rotary engine managed to take top honors in the 10 Best Engine Competition. But what about the Mazda RX-9 are you getting fed up of all the excuses that they keep coming out with?

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