Mazda MX-5 Packs More Punch With Upgrades

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While it does not look like Mazda is interested is offering more power on their Mazda MX-5, the fans definitely want that and that is where the kits come in.

There are already a few kits out there that would help make the Mazda MX-5 more powerful but the new kit that BBR GTi has to offer now will offer a few more power upgrades to both the engine options.

One of their kits will push the 1.5-liter SkyActive-G to deliver up to 210hp and 197lb ft of torque. That is 81hp more than the standard model and 86lb ft of torque more. Those that got the chance to test out the upgrade pointed out that it feels better than the standard MX-5 with its 2.0 engine which is saying a lot for the upgrade.

Fans of the MX-5 have been begging Mazda for a power upgrade for years now and with kits like this, they won’t really have to wait for Mazda to give them the upgrade they want.

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