Mazda MX-5: A Case Of Top Or Bottom

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The Mazda MX-5 will come with a choice of two engines and one of them is going to be the 2 litre engine and the other is the 1.5 litre. If you are thinking about choosing between the two you are going to have to decide which engine you want.

The 1.5 litre engine is the smallest of the two and this means that it is going to be the lightest of the two and it should offer up 129 horses. This means that some people do prefer this over the bigger engine.

The 2 litre engine is the biggest engine of the two and it is more powerful and some people say that this is the best as it offers up 157 horses. On the downside is the fact that as it offers the bigger engine it does end up costing more money.

If you cannot decide which of the engines to choose of the Mazda MX-5, you can check out the video below and see the two of them going around the track.