Mazda Merges Best Of Both Worlds For Future Mazda

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In the past, Mazda uses clay models to create their design which resulted in cleaner and simpler design but they have also been experimenting with digital designers which allows for more complex and unique designs.

For the future, Mazda revealed that they will be using both clay models and digital designers to come out with a new design language for their future Mazda models. The result of such a co-operation is the new Vision Coupe which we got to see at the Tokyo Motor Show.

According to Takahiro Matsui, getting the design right was not easy at all as there were a lot of tweaking to get it right. The process is time and energy consuming but the consumers seem to be loving the end result so maybe it was all worth it after all.

One of the first Mazda models to get a new design upgrade would be the Mazda3. The vehicle could get its design cue from the Kai Inspiration Concept and we can’t wait to see what the production model will look.