Mazda May Kill Off Volkswagen Arteon

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Volkswagen is working on a new 4 door coupe that has the name of the Arteon and it will take over from the CC. The Arteon is said to offer up a great deal more than the CC and we should get to see it arrive later on this year.

Now we are hearing that while the Arteon does sound as though it will be a very attractive vehicle, Mazda are looking into a 4 door coupe that could kill off the vehicle from Volkswagen before it is even launched.

Mazda teased people about their 4 door coupe through Instagram and the sketch shows us the shell of the Mazda but it comes with curvier edges and slopes that are steeper. This seems to suggest that they could be about to launch a 4 door coupe and they may do it soon.

Mazda US was asked about the sketch but they didn’t comment on it, instead it seems they want to tease people about an exciting future. Of course, whether this is going to be a killer to the Volkswagen Arteon remains to be seen.

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