Mazda Keeping RX Dream Alive In Their Own Way

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Mazda had made it very clear that there is not going to be a Mazda RX-9 in the near future as they are not planning to build any sports car that is bigger than the MX-5 but despite that, the RX dream is not really dead yet.

In the latest issue of Zoom Zoom magazine, it was reported that Mazda said that the there is still a future for the rotary engine. The report also added that Mazda might be thinking about making the engine run on Hydrogen which would make it cleaner.

This suggest that the rotary engine is not off the table for Mazda yet and that they might still be trying to figure out a way to make it all happen for them and the fans but it is clear that they are still far from a solution which means the RX model is still far from becoming a reality.

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