Mazda CX-5 Recall More Serious Than Previously Thought

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Mazda has been getting a lot (and a lot we really mean A LOT) of attention lately; just look at which brands that are starting to dominate the open roads. They’ve had a pretty decent few good years, but perhaps everything good may not last that long after a while. Which is why the recent CX-5 recall was a pretty big deal for the Japanese automaker.

The latest recall issued by Mazda has given a stop-sale order on all 2013-2016 Mazda CX-5 SUVs in North America, and it’s said to affect more than 404,000 vehicles in the US and Canada as of now. And it’s all got to do with safety defect report that Mazda has filed with the US’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, indicating the risk of a fuel filler pipe rupture in the event of a rear collision.

Though there are currently no reports of any injuries or hazardous problems surfacing yet, it’s also good to know that Malaysian CX-5 owners are not affected by this recall. Let’s just hope that they could retain their name again very soon. After all, who could resist such a handsomely-looking car?!

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