Mazda CX-4: Just What Is Going On With It?

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When it comes to the Mazda CX-4 there have been a lot of rumours going around along with a great deal of speculation. This means that it can be difficult to separate what is actually true and what is fiction.

We do know for sure that the vehicle is going to have the Mazda CX-4 name as we have seen this on spy shots. It was suggested that perhaps the vehicle may have another name, perhaps the Mazda CX-6. However, the badge showed us the true name of the car.

We have seen photos of the cabin of the Mazda CX-6 and these showed us that it does look a lot like the inside of the Mazda 3. However, there have been some changes made to the dials and the buttons of the console.

It is suggested that the Mazda CX-4 will come with the 2 litre engine in the form of the SkyActiv G or maybe the 2.5 litre. It has also been said that there may be a 2.2 litre or maybe the 1.5 litre Skyactive D engine option available. It was also said that the engines may be offered with the six speed automatic transmission.