Mazda CX-4: Do You Know What’s Going On?

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There has been that many different rumours going around about the Mazda CX-4 and so it is difficult to find out what is actually the truth. However there are some things that we know about the vehicle.

One thing that we do know is that the vehicle is going to have the name of the Mazda CX-4. It was thought that it might be called the CX-6, however spy shots of the badge show us that it isn’t.

We have also seen some shots of the interior of the vehicle and the Mazda CX-4 offers a look that is similar to that of the Mazda 3. There has been some changes and these can be seen on the dials and buttons of the vehicle.

The engine in the Mazda CX-4 is going to have the 2 litre engine and this will be the SkyActive G and it may come in the 2.5 litre too. It has been said that there may be a 1.5 litre SkyActive D and 2.2 litre. Engines of the vehicle may have the six speed automatic transmission.

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