Mazda Confirms Miata’s Upgrades

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It was already speculated that the Mazda Miata was going to get an upgrade performance this year and now it looks like Mazda has confirmed it as well.

This came after Road & Track discovered an article in Car Watch from Japan revealing details about the upcoming Mazda Miata. According to the article, the new Mazda Miata will now be offering about 181hp which is 26hp more than the previous model.

Of course, that is not the only upgrade that we can expect to see from Mazda. The article also stated that the red line has now been increased to 7500 from 6800 thanks to all the changes that Mazda made to the valvetrain and valves.

The magazine also added that the vehicle will now come with a low-inertia dual-mass flywheel which will help absorb some of that vibration, noise, and harshness from the engine.

For the first time, Mazda will also be fitting a telescopic steering wheel on their Miata. What do you think of all these upgrades?

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