Mazda Concept For Tokyo Is More Than Just A Concept

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Mazda has announced that they will be showing off two new concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show this year and while it does say that it is only a contact, there is a reason why we should be excited about it.

It is believed that one of the concepts that Mazda will be showing off at the event will be the base design for the upcoming Mazda 3 model. With the Mazda 3 bring around for years now, we are already expecting Mazda to give it a proper upgrade soon.

Mazda has already released a few teaser for the Mazda concept and from what we can see, the concept does look like it could be the jazz up version of the Mazda 3. Mazda also did say that the concept will come in as a compact hatchback model with next-gen tech and design and that it will be running on the Skyactive-X spark controlled compression ignition engine.

Besides this two concept, Mazda will also be showing off a few new vehicles at the event including the Mazda CX-8, a Japan-only crossover.

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