Mazda 3 Hype for Facelift and More Power Killed Off, Its Obvious Why

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Fans of the Mazda 3 have been waiting for the arrival of the vehicle with a facelift and it was said that the vehicle may be arriving later on this year and it has attracted a great deal of hype.

Many of the rumors suggest that the Mazda 3 is going to be offered with a facelift and it may come with the Skyactiv turbocharged engine. It was also suggested that following the launch of the facelifted Mazda 3 we would also see new vehicles arriving with the new turbocharged engine.

However the Mazda 3 facelift has arrived in Japan and it comes with exactly the same engine as the previous version. This leads us to believe that the rumors should now be killed off.

A magazine in Japan said that the Skyactive Turbocharged engine is going to come with the next generation of the Mazda 3 and not the facelifted version.

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