Mass Effect Andromeda: Shepard`s Story Would Be A Contrast

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Gamers are getting more excited with each passing day as Mass Effect Andromeda is getting closer and closer. The game should be making its way out in quarter one of next year and it is going to bring with it a totally new adventure.

While we know a lot about the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda game there is still some mystery surrounding the game. Bioware is coming forward to give answers to some of the questions that people have asked about the game.

One of the things that we liked was to do with the plot of Mass Effect Andromeda. The story is going to focus on a new protagonist and not Commander Shepard. Of course some people will be sad to see its nots Shepard, who has been in the game three times.

Even though Shepard isn’t going to feature in Mass Effect Andromeda, the name is still going to be mentioned. Bioware said that the Ryder siblings are going to be just like Shepard but they won’t start out as the war hero, instead they will have to build up their reputation from the start.

We cannot wait for the arrival of Mass Effect Andromeda, but what about you?