Mass Effect: Andromeda Receive New Updates

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Despite all the hype, Mass Effect: Andromeda failed to live up to the name of the franchise but that does not mean that the developers will just abandon the game. Bioware has just released the new patch for the game. Here are some of the things that the patch will come with.

The patch will help fix some of the bugs that the game had including the red and yellow screen issue that appeared when players use certain weapons. The Dhan shotgun will also prime enemies correctly now.

Besides that, the update will also give damage to Naladen explosion when Cryo or Incendiary ammo is used. These are just some of the updates that will come with the Update 1.10 patch.

You can check out the full patch notes here. If you are curious about the game but do not want to spend money on it yet, you can try out the 10-hour demo version first.

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