Mass Effect Andromeda Offers Fans A Peek At New Characters

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There is some great news for you if you a fan of Mass Effect Andromeda as recently we have seen a new teaser trailer, which you can view below. The trailer asks gamers to join the Andromeda Initiative while humankind makes its way past the Milky Way. Orientation is going to start at 7 November and N7 Day is when Bioware is going to offer up more information about the game.

Right now there is no confirmation that the game is going to be released by March 2017, which it is said to be. During the Q&A the Chief Financial Officer said that EA could delay the game if they wanted to.

He did say that Mass Effect was tracking very well and the game is looking stunning and the developers are pleased with the progress of the game. But he went on to say that the game launch date could be moved if they felt it was needed to make the game better.

For the time being the gameplay video that we have seen is the one that was released at the reveal event for the PlayStation 4 Pro. It was said that Mass Effect Andromeda would run at 1800p resolution.