Mass Effect Andromeda Could Share Nintendo NX ETA

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Mass Effect: Andromeda was said to be coming our way in time for Christmas this year but the game has been delayed and now it is said to be coming out in 2017. This means that the game may arrive at the same time as the Nintendo NX console, which is also expected the same month.

We have seen a listing on Amazon for Mass Effect: Andromeda and the date for arrival is 31 March. However this might be nothing more than just a placeholder and when that date comes around it could change.

A listing has also been seen for The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was also on Amazon and this gives a lot of information away.

The book is listed as coming our 21 March 2017 and it says that it is going to be launched simultaneously with the game. So if this is true then Mass Effect: Andromeda should arrive on the 21 March too.

21 March happens to fall on a Tuesday and in the past this is when triple A games have been launched in the US, which makes the date seem more plausible.

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