Mass Effect: Andromeda, Both Side Of The Story

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If you were to look at what the people are saying about the new Mass Effect: Andromeda, you will notice that there are two very different opinions about the game.

One side thinks that after five years of waiting, the game was way below what they were expecting and that the game is not worth the hype at all. Most of the resentment comes from the graphic of the game.

A lot of fans felt like the developers did not spend enough time polishing the graphic of the game, and that their gaming experience was ruined by bad graphics and ugly looking AI.

Some of the fans were also not too happy about the micro-transaction feature that the game has right now. While you can still make it without paying extra, it still did not sit well with the fans.

Then there are the others who thinks that Mass Effect: Andromeda is a great game. Despite its obvious flaw, the fans still enjoyed the story of the game with many of them saying that the story was great.

They also like the fact that the developer was able to come out with a good enough story and mechanics to make the game feel like a game of its own instead of another Mass Effect game from the last Trilogy.

What do you think of the new Mass Effect: Andromeda? Did the developers messed it up or do you think it is good enough?

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