Mass Effect: Andromeda Bad Timing Blame For Flopping

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With the kind of fanbase the game has, it is crucial that Bioware got the game right. Well, we all know now that that did not happen. In fact, Mass Effect: Andromeda was said to be one of the worst game from the franchise.

It was not that the game did not have a good story, some fans actually enjoyed the story that Bioware has written for the game but most of them were not too happy with the awkward character models and the lifeless facial animations that eventually became a joke for the fans.

However, it looks like Bioware’s producer Mark Darrah think that those were not the reason why the game did not do so well. According to Darrah, the launch time of the game was one of the reasons why the game failed.

Because the game was released to compete with games like Legend of Zelda, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more, Mass Effect: Andromeda was easily forgotten and ignored. Do you think he is right?

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