Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Roster Leaves Fans Ridiculed

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The last E3 event saw many interesting reveals and also a number of new fighting games that are in development. Among them is Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and the game promises an experience like no other.

Well, gameplay-wise, we can’t help but agree with this since we noticed a number of interesting new features in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. What we don’t agree with is the fighter’s roster in the game. We find the Marvel side of the coin to be really dull since most of the heroes are strongly attached to the Avengers.

The worst part about it is that not a single soul in the roster has anything to do with X-Men. This is hugely disappointing because we see X-Men as one of the core brands from Marvel hence it’s absence is painful to bear.

Until X-Men shows up Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, we will stay away from the game and solve our fighting fix with the upcoming Dragon Ball title. What about you?

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