Marvel Sticking Their Nose Into Every Square Enix Game

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Well, not every but most, or at least that is what the fans think. Marvel has just announced that there is a lot of game announcement to come that is related to Marvel and while they did not reveal what it will be, some fans think that they might have figured out some of them.

Many fans believe that the FFXV game is going to get Marvel costumes in the near future while others are looking forward to seeing The Avengers in the next Kingdom Heart 3 game. That has not been confirmed yet but most of the fans believe it will happen.

We know that Marvel is working with Telltale, TT Games, Capcom, Insomniac, Sony and Square Enix so there is sure to be a lot more to announce. Some fans are already predicting a Spider-Man presentation at E3 this year.

All of these are good news for the Marvel fans out there.

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