Marvel Avengers Heading To Kingdom Hearts 3

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Square Enix is developing Kingdom Hearts 3 and the game should make its way out early on next year. Of course one thing that gamers want to know is what worlds are heading their way.

From what we have seen from the trailers of Kingdom Hearts 3 it seems that Hercules is going to play a part in the game. But what about Marvel Avengers, will they be seen?

Disney has the Marvel brand so it wouldn’t be out of the question for Marvel Avengers to play a part in Kingdom Hearts 3. So are we going to see the likes of Spiderman and Captain America make their way to the game?

Recently Square Enix was on Twitter and they gave a clue that perhaps we might see Marvel characters. The Tweet said that the developer had made a deal with Disney Marvel to bring multiple gaming titles based around the super hero franchise. While they didn’t give out any other details it is thought that Marvel Avengers could be making their way to Kingdom Hearts 3.

But who would you like to see from the Marvel Avengers in Kingdom Hearts 3?

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