Marvel Avengers Alliance Isn’t Going To Be Last

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The Marvel Avengers Alliance game may have been cancelled by Disney, along with the sequel, but there are fans who believe that it won’t be the last that we will hear about the game.

The game has been a big success but its sequel didn’t go down as good as Disney had expected it be and this is the reason why they have chosen to axe it. Disney said that they wanted to put their focus, time and effort into something better.

Of course they didn’t mention what something better was and many fans think that Disney may be at work on a new Marvel Avenger Alliance game which will have a new title. If they get rid of the old game and title they could use the same and come up with a brand new game that will perform better.

Of course this is nothing but speculation at the moment and Disney hasn’t said whether or not they will be making a new Marvel Avenger Alliance game or not.

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