Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Will Get Things Heated Up Again

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The automotive industry is a tough one; it’s not surprising that some automakers would actually go through some rough patches along their journey. One that could relate to this is Maruti Suzuki, whereby its 2015 year was definitely a roller coaster ride for them. But they are hoping it won’t be anymore, with the launch of three cars at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016.

Maruti Suzuki debuted two concepts and a new compact SUV, but it’s the latter that hogged the most spotlight among the three. It’s got a name and it’s the Vitara Brezza. For some strange reason, it gives off the Mini Countryman vibe as well; it’s probably got to do with those dual-tone colour accents that separates the roof and the body.

For the unfamiliar, the Vitara Brezza is 98% made in India at the cost of Rs 860 crore, and comes with “bull-horn” LED headlamps that are surprisingly aggressive at first glance, and not to mention, the rear looks a bit S-Cross-ish. That being said, Brezza’s like the shorter but wider version of the S-Cross, but still manages to capture the attention of many.

We do hope the Brezza fares well in the market through Maruti Suzuki dealerships (this is unexpected), since it’s wowed the Delhi audience, it should be something that big of a deal. Do you like what you see from the image above?

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