Mario Kart VR: US Fans Can Only Imagine

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The Mario Kart game has captured the heart of many and the developer is now taking things to the next level with a Mario Kart VR. No, you won’t be able to plug in your VR device and race in the game, you will have to travel all the way to Japan to experience it.

Bandai Namco has just revealed that the Mario Kart Arcade GP VR will be heading to their VR-Zone arcades in Shinjuku, Japan. They have also released a few screenshots of the game and it looks amazing.

We do not know how the real life experience will be like but we can amazing that it is going to be great. It might even be better than the console version since we get to be on the track itself.

It does not seem like it is going to come over here in the US but fans will surely be begging for it. Check out the video below to see the gameplay.

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