Mario Kart Tour: Playing With Friends Not Possible?

One of the best things about playing Mario Kart in the past was that you get to play it with a bunch of friends and try to outrun each other while also sabotaging each other.

Well, now that the game was been released on mobile, fans were hoping to do the same but it looks like it might not be what you think. The game does come with a multiplayer option but here is what you should know.

You can choose to add friends in the Friends section but all you can do then is to compare your rank in the game with your friends. You can’t actually play with them but the game does suggest that it will be a feature that we will be seeing in the future.

Since the game is online only, you would think that the other people in the match are other online players but actually, the opponents are now bots. We are expecting to see more get added to the game in the future but for now, it is pretty much a single-player game that you can fill up your time with.