Maquette: Puzzle Game Gets Release Window

Maquette, the new first-person puzzle game from Annapurna Interactive has been revealed its week. Developed by Graceful Decay, the new trailer shows off how the game works and why we should be excited about its arrival.

The game seems to be focus on the size of the items and how you can manipulate your environment to get past all the puzzles. The game does look very interesting and challenging at the same time. The creative director fo the game reported that the main goal was to give players the feeling that their mind is getting blown.

Maquette will be released on PC, PS4, and also the new PS5 when it arrives. As for when the game will be arriving, no official date has been given yet but the game is listed as a 2020 game so we should expect it in a few months.

If you have not seen the trailer, you can check it out below.