Managing At Its Best: Get Fit Or Get Discount-less Apple Watch

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There’s no more excuse to be procrastinating at work anymore. Well, at least there’s one programme that wouldn’t allow for you to do that because they are trying to lure you into doing something healthier for you, in general. Vitality’s responsible for this, and they are offering some workers to buy a $350 Apple Watch for just $25 if they’ve met exercise goals in 2 years.

It’s a good strategy though, as this is what most employees actually need in their lives. Since we’re mostly living busy lives, exercise is prone to be neglected. The programme introduced by Vitality would offer workers the chance to stay fit, and also have a chance in getting a fitness device to track their steps, heart rate, and more. Win-win situation.

There are other programmes with similar goals too; those that you can redeem points from fitness activities for gift cards and whatnot, alternatively. But bear in mind that although these programmes are typically voluntary, you should also be willing to share data in order to earn the most rewards and insurance discounts.

And also this programme requires an iPhone, since Vitality has got no plans in bringing these benefits to Android anytime soon. So stop giving yourselves anymore excuses if you want to get that Apple Watch. It’s definitely worth it as your body would thank you for it.

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