Man Of Medan Follow Up, More Details Drop

Man Of Medan did not do as well as the first game from the developer but they are not giving up yet as the developer revealed some additional detail about the next game.

We have already got a glimpse of it in the credit of the last game and now they have revealed when we will be seeing this new game. Little Hope will be released in the Summer of this year and we even got a new trailer to get us excited about the game.

Of course, the trailer does not really have much of the game as we only got to see some streamer’s reactions to Man of Medan while the actual release date of the new game was hiding in the comments below in the video.

In the new game, we will follow a group of college students and their professor that are trapped in a town shrouded in an impenetrable fog. The game will come with a co-op mode so you can your friend and try to work out the mystery and survive.