Magikarp Jump: The Other Side Of Magikarp

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To Pokemon trainers all over the world, Magikarp is the kind of Pokemon that you will just have to bear with since it can’t do anything other than splash around but the new Pokemon game will show that Magikarp can also jump around when it wants to.

Called the Magikarp Jump, the game will be released on both iOS and Android. Players will have to catch the Pokemon and train it to become the best. The goal here is to turn it into the best jumper in the land.

The Magikarp will retire at Level 20 so you will need to start again with a new Magikarp but this time, the new Magikarp will be stronger. Although the app is free, there are microtransactions in the game to help you advance faster.

While this is not your typical Pokemon game, it is still fun if you are looking for something light to pass your time.

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