Mafia 3 Gameplay Won’t Be Too Smooth

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Mafia 3 has been released and if you have the game you will know that it is an open world crime game that is available for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. On the consoles the game is locked to 30fps, but what has surprised some people is that the early copies of the game come capped at 30fps on the PC too. The developer has since confirmed that the cap is in place through their website.

The developer is said to be working on an update for Mafia 3 for the PC so that those playing on the PC are able to play at higher framerates. There was some bad news though as the update wasn’t made available at the time of the release of the game.

Gamers who play on the PC are used to having an unlocked framerate, or the cap is set at 60fps. So they haven’t been too happy with Mafia 3. So it wasn’t surprising that the Steam page was inundated with people saying that the graphics were below par and the performance was poor.

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