Madden NFL 20: New Patches Fixes Major Issue

Madden NFL 20 will be getting a small update this week on all platforms that will include some fixes to the issues that the game has. Here is what we know based on the patch notes.

The new patch will fix two major issues including the one where defenders are not able to go into the backfield unblocked in a defensive formation. The second fix will be to stop players from using the “Nasty Streak” Superstar ability on out-of-position players. The ability have been the sourced of frustration for fans as they feel like it was too overpowered.

On top of fixing the buys, the update will also improve the stability of the game. This update follows the previous update which made a few major changes to the game including adding new formations and plays from Super Bowl 54 like the Jep Chip Wasp.

What do you think of these new updates?