Madden 21 AI Made Smarter Now

While developers have been trying to make their sport base game as realistic as possible, sometimes, the AI just spoils all the fun for making some of the worst decisions during crucial moment but EA Sports is trying to reduce the chance of that happening by updating their AI.

According to EA, AI-controlled QBs will now make better choices reading the defense and finding the open receiver. AI QBs will also be smarter about throwing to the receiver with the highest change of actually catching it. AL players will mix things up in goal-line situations so that you can change things about and make it even more challenging.

EA also discussed about the updated Live Playbook to match what is happening right now. Madden NFL 21 will officially be arriving on the 28th of August on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It will also be released on the next-gen console with free upgrades to owners.