Madden 20 New Patch With Super Bowl Updates Arrives

Madden NFL 20 continues to receive new updates with the latest patch focusing on the Super Bowl. Here is what we know now.

The playbook with new players and formations seen at the Super Bowl 54 will now be in the game. This will include the Jet Chip Wasp from the pivotal 3rd and 15 first-down conversions by Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill.

The new patch notes revealed all the new players that the game will be getting now. On top of that, the new patch will also fix up some of the bugs in the game including the one where quarterbacks are allowed to abort the hands-off animation during some reverse players.

The patch will also come with some stability and connectivity update. The patch, released on the 20th of February will be 2GB in size on the Xbox One so we should expect to see the same update size on the other platforms as well.