MacOS Is To Blame For Issues With MacBook Pro

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Apple makes their own hardware along with software and this means that they are able to offer up superb consumer control. At the same time it also means that there is an issue and this is that they cannot blame any other party.

The new Touch Bar MacBook Pro has been said to have some graphic glitches and these show up with a similar look to tears and distortion on some of the apps. This of course has been frustrating for everyone who paid out $2,500 to get their hands on the device.

Now they have assurance that the issues will be solved in the new beta version of MacOS. The VP of software engineering said that it wasn’t unusual to have graphic issues with new hardware. The 15 inch MacBook Pro has been testament to this.

But perhaps Apple should have given more attention when they were debugging the graphics driver as after all it did take them two years to give the Pro an update, so it should really be perfect.

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