MacBook Pro Tells Battery Life Critics To Suck It

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If you travel a lot then you know that taking your gadgets with you can be something of a challenge. The editor of 9to5mac recently talked about his experiences when travelling and the fact that he likes to take a compact camera, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro. Of course with all these gadgets comes a whole lot of cables.

The editor said that when he took a recent trip to Havana he came up with the idea of taking just two camera batteries and then relying on his MacBook Pro to do the charging of all his other gadgets.

The 2016 MacBook Pro can offer up a lot more power and in total it provides 15 watts power to two devices and 7.5 watts to two more devices. This meant that he could charge up the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch overnight at the same time and perhaps the camera too.

Of course this meant that he was free to leave the multiple chargers at home. All he needed to take was a few USB-C cables and the dongle for his Apple Watch. What was better was that he could charge everything up from just one power outlet.

You can see the setup of the editor of 9to5mac in the picture above and we have to say that it does seem to make things so much easier not having to carry around lots of different cables and rely on lots of different sockets in the hotel room you are staying. But what do you think?

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