MacBook Pro Hasn’t Helped Calm Apple’s Worries

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Apple hoped that the MacBook Pro would help with boosting sales around the world and while it has gone some way to do this, it hasn’t been the significant boost that the company had hoped for.

Apple have sold around 5.3 million units of the MacBook Pro during quarter four of 2016 and this saw a drop of 0.9% when compared to the same period during 2015. The overall shipments of Macs in 2016 were 18.4 million and this was a decline of 9.8% in comparison to the year before.

The MacBook Pro was launched late October and the laptop arrived with an upgrade that was considered to be huge. If the laptop had been able to ship for three months then we could have seen a quarterly growth that jumped up or Apple could have moved in a positive direction.

So the MacBook Pro hasn’t given sales a boost that is overwhelming as Apple wanted when it came to worldwide sales. The device did get reviews that were mixed and the Touch Bar did get only a lukewarm reception. It was also pulled down for having the older Skylake chip instead of the Kaby Lake processor.

At the moment Apple are behind Windows PC and Chromebook and they come in fourth behind Lenovo, HP and Dell, all three companies recorded positive sales in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The sales of the MacBook Pro do seem to be picking up though and the same applies to sales of the PC. Shipments of the PC were 70.2 million and this was a decline of only 1.5% in comparison to the same quarter during the previous year.

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