Don’t Put MacBook Near A Fireplace, Turns Apple To Orange [PICS]

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We don’t think it is necessary to explain to users the dangers of putting their electronics near extreme heat. However it looks like sometime the inevitable happens.

Apple MacBook Air turned into an orange MacBook courtesy of fireplace

Here is one case of a Redditor accidentally leaving his MacBook too close to an open fireplace. How close exactly? A duck’s length (yes, that is exactly what it sounds like). Redditor Cassians was also kind enough to post a picture of the effects of the mishap (see bottom).

Hilariously, the heat had warped the rear cover of the MacBook and turned the beautiful Apple logo into what appears to be a Mandarin orange! It actually doesn’t look too bad, in the picture at least.

Have you ever had any other mishaps with your Apple products in the past? I for one have lost quite a few iPods in the washing machine and also chipped the edge of my MacBook Air when I dropped it whilst still inside a laptop bag.

Apple MacBook after accidental heating

Apple MacBook after accidental heating

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