MacBook Air Has To Contend With Cheap Rival From Xiaomi

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The closest thing to the Apple MacBook Air has been the Surface Book from Microsoft or the Surface Pro 4. While others have challenged it they haven’t been successful. However Xiaomi thinks that they can rival the MacBook Air.

Xiaomi has just revealed their rival and it is the Mi Notebook Air. They revealed it with the Xiaomi Redmi Pro and the price tag of the Air is just $540.

The Mi Notebook Air is going to be offered for sale from 2 August and it will be made available in a choice of 13.3 inches or 12.5 inches. Both of the devices are going to offer up a full HD display, the Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM and support for expandable storage at 256GB.

If you want slightly less then you can go for the model with the Intel Core M3, 4GB RAM and 128GB of expandable SSD storage. If size is going to be something of a concern then you don’t have to worry as the Mi Notebook Air is said to be 13% thinner along with being 11% smaller overall.

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