“Macs Don’t Get PC Viruses” Statement Dropped From Apple Website

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Apple have quietly changed the wording on the section of their website that says “why you`ll love a Mac”. The change removes claims, which have been longstanding, that a Mac has better security that a Windows PC, reports CRN.

Apple downplays security claims of its Mac vs PC

For many years Apple has marketed their PCs and laptops based on the fact that they do not come with the same headaches for users in regards to malware. Apple used to say that the Mac was not susceptible to all the viruses that commonly caused headaches for users of Windows devices. This they claimed was due to the Mac OS X system keeping the Macs safe without any need on the user’s part.

However in the last few days they have changed this part so that is now states that OS X has built-in defences that stops users from downloading malicious software without them realizing it. The wording “Macs don’t get PC viruses” has also been changed and now it says that Macs are built to be safe.

It is thought that these changes could be a strategy of Apple in security marketing. The Get a Mac campaign was staged around the fact that Mac had much more superior security than PCs, however researchers had told Apple that this was not the case, yet may users of Macs still believe Macs are superior for security and don’t even have Anti-Virus software on their machines.

Apple were asked about the change but so far they have not responded. Security experts believe that it may be down to the attention Apple is getting from malware authors lately. Apple will not want to risk losing their image as having a secure platform one security consultant said. There are many individuals out there who still believe that a Mac is more secure over a Windows despite the fact that Flashback proved this untrue.

On a side note, Apple was recently fined 2 million dollars for false claims about 4G LTE speeds for the New iPad ‘3’ in Australia.

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