Mac OS X El Capitan Update Contains Easter Eggs!

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Apple does not tell you everything about their OS and sometimes, users stumble across now new features and Easter Egg that none of us knew about. Well, it looks like there is one on the Mac OS X El Capitan that users might find really useful.

The features is not really an Easter Egg but more like features that Apple forgot to highlight but if you are one of those users that like to move your spotlight field around the screen, there is a way to make it go back to its default position.

All you need to do is to hold down your mouse on the Spotlight icon on the menu bar and it will automatically reset of to default. A pretty neat feature for many. Of course, this is not the only undocumented feature you will find on the OS.

Did you know that the Mac OS X El Capitan is capable of tracking flights? Yes, you can force press on the flight number and a window will pop-up showing you some flight details.

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