Luigi’s Mansion 3 ScreamPark Mode Revealed

We are only a week away from the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Nintendo has now revealed a little more detail about the multiplayer modes that the game will have.

The new game will come with 2 multiplayer modes this time. There is the ScareScraper from Dark Moon as well as a new ScreamPart mode and the developer has now released a new video showing off the ScreamPark mode.

ScreamPark will be a local mode where two teams compete against each other in different mini-games. One of the games that were highlighted is Ghost Hunt where teams try to vacuum up the ghost. The team that vacuum the most ghost will win. There is also the Cannon Barrage where an object is loaded into cannons and fired off at rotating targets.

The local mode will support up to eight players. Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released on Nintendo Switch on the 31st of October.