Logitech Wireless Mouse Beats Wired Mice In Speed Test

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Wired mice are often preferred over the wireless mice for many reasons and one of the reason is because of the speed but it looks like PC games will not have to deal with the wires anymore as Logitech presents them the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum.

According to Logitech, even without the wires, the Logitech Wireless G900 Chais Spectrum is able to outperform their competitors wired mice and added that the mice are able to deliver a faster response.

That is pretty amazing since wireless mice is usually less responsive. However, we all know that speed is not the only reason why we all avoid wireless mice. There is the issue of the battery running out. Logitech seems to have this covered as well as they added that the mouse if able to offer up to 24 hours of “battery life run-to-die”.

Would you give up your wired mice for this?

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