Little Hope Will Work On Man Of Medan Shortcomings

Man of Medan did not do as well as many thought it would mainly due to the story but some people were also not too happy with the camera work in the game. Taking into consideration what was said in the last game, the developer promise to further improve the game when Little Hope arrives.

In the latest Little Hope gameplay video narrated by Pete Samuels, he explained that there will be some similarities between Littel Hope and Man of Medan but this time, we will be following five students as they become lost and trap in a town called Little Hope.

Not only did he talk about the costumes of the game but he also talked about some of the improvements they made to the game after getting some feedback from Man of Medan. He explained that the controls and interface of the game have been reworked and that more environment objects can be interacted with now.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will be arriving in Q3 of 2020.